You can now recycle printer cartridges through the Surplus Property Office of the Virginia Department of General Services.  And the effort is easy!


What do we collect?

Ink Jet Cartridges:  Black & White and Color

Laser Printer Cartridges (most laser cartridges accepted, but check list before sending)

Fax Machine Printer Cartridges

(To protect outside parts, laser printer and fax cartridges must be wrapped in materials like bubble wrap or newsprint, and can also be boxed.)


How do we collect the cartridges?  You have several options.  

We can mail you postage-paid envelopes or boxes       

to put your cartridges in and then mail from your location,


you can send the cartridges to Surplus Property, and

we will recycle them.


(1)  For Postage-Paid Envelopes and Boxes:


(please use the link below to access the order form)

We will provide self-addressed postage-paid envelopes or boxes for you to mail your cartridges directly to our recycler.


Just email a completed order form to Georgiana Ball at with your request. 

Be sure to include a complete mailing address, contact name, email address and phone no.


Please Note: Try to make requests that result in collecting cartridges from more than one office/department in your agency.   This will greatly increase program efficiency for all!


(2)  Mail or deliver cartridges to the Surplus Property Office.


Send cartridges to us through interoffice mail, if available, through the regular mail, or bring them to a Surplus Property Warehouse.


Mailing Address:

Printer Cartridge Recycling

Surplus Property Department

Va. Dept of General Services

1910 Darbytown Road

Richmond, Virginia  23231


Thanks for your waste reduction efforts!! 

Questions?  Please call Georgiana Ball at (804) 786-0103 or email